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Do you want to build amazing decor, run the tech for one of our beautiful venues, enthuse and motivate a team, help keep us sustainable, offer consultancy in kind on skills we haven't even thought of yet... This festival is a community and we are so excited to see what you want to do! Do add your website link here if needed.
Content contributors

Speakers, workshop facilitators, traders, musicians, and all the other marvellous people inbetween!
If you are interested in hosting a workshop or talk, or any other type of content, please tell us a [working] title and a short description of what this would entail.

Are you interested in trading your food produce, delicious drinks, or beautiful crafts and all the rest?

We will have a fabulous environment for a select few traders to provide community business led produce and would love to hear from you.

Tell us more about what you wish to trade.

And finally, it would be really helpful to us to know one last thing. Would you consider yourself to be a Community Business based on the following definition? *

" Community Business is a business led by local people set up to address challenges and bring benefits to local areas. They are accountable to their community and the profits generated deliver positive local impact.

The four key features of a community business are:
1.     Locally rooted: They are rooted in a particular geographical place and respond to its needs.  
2.     Trading for the benefit of the local community: Income comes from things like renting out space in their buildings, trading as cafes, selling produce they grow or generating energy. 
3.     Accountable: They are accountable to the local community. 
4.     Broad community impact: They benefit and impact their local community as a whole. They often morph into the hub of a neighbourhood, where all types of local groups gather."

Thank you for taking the time to contribute!
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15 - 17th September 2017
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