The Walnuts Community Grant
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So we can see what you've been up to recently. If you don't have a Project Dirt project page why not set one up, its free!
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Think measurable results and wider effects of achieving your goal...

Impact Example:
The community demand for our service has increased by XX% in the last 6 months highlighting the need locally. Improved storage facilities here will allow us to train a volunteer to be our stock manager over the next 3 months...etc
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How exactly will the funds be spent? *

Please provide a specific breakdown of the items and their cost i.e Item X = £Y
How could your project benefit from using vacant space/units within the Walnuts Centre? *

Please let us know how you could utilise the space below. This isn't a compulsory criteria so don't worry if this doesn't apply to your project
Is there any other information you feel is relevant to your application? *

Have you received any previous funding or other sponsor support? Created/been a part of any local well known local events?
Thanks {{answer_Q9pk}}, we've received your application. Now please share your #mywalnutswish on that magic thing social media to help spread the word. Best of luck everyone!
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