Offline Festival - Community Business - Bursary Form

We'd love to make Offline Festival accessible to everyone especially Community Businesses, as it is designed to bring value to your organisation. Thank you for taking approx. 7 minutes to tell us why you'd benefit from a bursary ticket and why you'd love to join us!
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Business/organisation name *

Is your business/organisation locally rooted? (i.e. do you operate in your local community) *

Does your business trade and/or serve the local community? (i.e. by hiring out commercial space, selling local produce, provide a catering service/space) *

Would you consider yourself accountable to your local community? (i.e. does the service you provide or the community shares offer provide a voice for the community within the business?) *

Does your business/organisation benefit and impact your local community as a whole (i.e. do people living in your local area benefit from your business/organisation/services in some way?) *

Why would attending Offline Festival benefit you as a business/organisation? *

What are your long term goals for your business/organisation in your community? *

And finally, who would you bring to Offline Festival with you with these bursary tickets and why? *

Team/colleagues, friends/family
Thank you for filling out the community business bursary form! We'll just take a few days to go through the forms, and if all is in order we'll send you a discount code that you can use when purchasing your tickets on Eventbrite.  We'll get back to you in a jiffy!

Hope to see you around the campfire soon!
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